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Vacation To St Lucia

This small island is naturally equipped with breath taking waterfalls, astounding tropical views, welcoming locals and bona fide culture


Caribbean weddings

Saint Lucia was named the Caribbean’s leading honeymoon destination by the World Travel Awards –
for the tenth straight year in a row. Winners are selected by both the trade and by consumers, who consider the island to be a leading romance destination.

With such well known global recognition as a leading romantic destination, it will come as no surprise that many couples choose to get marry in St Lucia, as well as honeymooning there as well.


The Perfect Getaway weddings

If уоu thought this іѕ јuѕt а dream then уоu could not be more wrong. Yоu саn hаvе your wedding wіth great style аnd sophistication іn а luxury Villa іn St Lucia with sandy beaches and a beautiful landscape for a awesome time in your life.


With such great weather on the island yоu саn choose а traditional wedding wіth а white dress, long veil, train, lots оf exotic flowers аnd vows оr уоu саn opt fоr а simple уеt elegant lооk wіth а slip dress.



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Vacation to St Lucia - Fun for Everyone

What can I do in St Lucia


The island of St Lucia has many tourist attractions and things to do for just about everyone. Here is very quick list of awesome attractions to check out: 


The Pitons – Iconic pitons is the trade mark of the island – a must see and tour guide offer hiking to its peak and back. Its world renown as it is also a UNESCO would heritage site 



St Lucia Honeymoon -Time to Relax

There is nothing more romantic than being on your honeymoon with the love of your life.

The honeymoon is all about romance! Your honeymoon will be gone in a flash, but every day you have the opportunity to make it extra special with some thoughtful memories.

Make sure that you do not force yourself into doing romantic things just to fit a stereotype.

Bring originality in your approach and put your personality into it! If you have different ideas about what is romance, try to combine them to create the perfect ideal for both of you. 



If you and your spouse take pleasure in the outdoors, one of the greatest holiday recommendations is to organize adventurous excursions to at least one of the many St. Lucia tourist attractions.


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Seeing exactly what Mother Nature can offer and hang out together, all alone in the rain forest is a way to create a greater understanding and appreciation for each other.